The purpose of this blog post is to give you a high-level overview of fault codes SPN 3720 FMI 0 & SPN 3720 FMI 15, and on how to reset them using 2 different diagnostic tools. 

Fault Code: SA 0 SPN 3720 FMI 0 & SA 0 SPN 3720 FMI 15 

These fault codes are related to the DPF Ash load and you need to perform a special reset called Aftertreatment Maintenance Filter Installation for these fault codes to go inactive.    

Aftertreatment Maintenance Filter Installation is a feature that informs the Electronic Control Module (ECM) that the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) has been replaced. The engine aftertreatment system monitors the aftertreatment DPF restriction.  

The fault codes alert the operator of the requirement to clean or exchange the aftertreatment DPF. 

Fault Code:  SA 0 SPN 3720 FMI 0 & SA 0 SPN 3720 FMI 15 

OEM Cummins fault number: 5383 

SA 0: Engine ECU  
SPN 3720: Aftertreatment 1 Diesel Particulate Filter Ash Load Percent  
FMI 0: Data Valid but Above Normal Operating Range – Most Severe Level  
FMI 15: Data Valid but Above Normal Operating Range – Least Severe Level 

The aftertreatment diesel particulate filter (DPF) requires exchange or cleaning. 

None on performance.  

This is just an informational fault code that you need to replace or clean your DPF filter.  

Component location: 
The aftertreatment diesel particulate filter (DPF) is located in the exhaust system, and it's installed by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Refer to the OEM service manual. 

Fault code details 
Fault code is not triggered when the engine is operating and exhaust flow is above a minimum level. 

Conditions that trigger the fault codes: 
The engine monitors the aftertreatment diesel particulate filter (DPF) differential pressure sensor.  

When the aftertreatment diesel particulate filter (DPF) differential pressure is above a maximum value at the end of an aftertreatment regeneration the fault code is activated. 

Action taken when the fault codes are active: 

The ECM will illuminate the MAINTENANCE lamp during the key cycle once the fault code is set.  

How to clear the fault codes: 

You need special diagnostic software in order to perform a special command called “Aftertreatment Maintenance Filter Installation 

Software used: 

You can use either of these diagnostic tools to clear your fault codes 

Initial steps for clearing these fault codes with both diagnostic tools: 

  • Engine is not running  
  • The diesel particulate filter (DPF) has been replaced or cleaned within the last month 
  • All aftertreatment fault codes have been cleared 

How to use each software:  

  • OTR Diagnostics - Cummins Diagnostics
    • Find it under the commands menu. 
    • Follow the screen prompts to continue the reset.  
    • Turn key off for 100 seconds then turn key on.  
    • Reset was successful prompt will appear and you will see the fault code go inactive.  
  • Cummins Insite 
    • Select Aftertreatment Maintenance Filter Installation from the menu bar in the Advanced ECM data widow.  
    • Click on the reset button on the screen and follow the prompts.  
    • Once the reset is complete, cycle the key switch to store the reset values.  
    • Once the key switch has been cycled, an informational box will appear that reads: The reset process has been successful.
    • Click on the OK button to acknowledge. 
    • After a successful reset, you will see the fault code go inactive. 

Run this specific command to reset this fault code:

Run the “Aftertreatment Maintenance Filter Installation” command 

You just went through a high-level overview of fault codes SPN 3720 FMI 0 & SPN 3720 FMI 15 fault codes and how to reset them using a couple diagnostic tools.  

If you have any questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a technician at OTR Performance through email or by phone (586-799-4375).  

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