History in the cloud

✔️ Unlock detailed explanations of each fault code.

✔️ Understand not just the code, but the specific issue and suggested fixes.

✔️ Empower yourself to perform your own repairs with guided diagnostics and easy-to-follow repair suggestions tailored to your truck's specific needs.

Keeping your fault codes safe

All fault codes are securely stored in the cloud, giving you access anytime and anywhere. This is helpful for tracking down recurring issues and analyzing intermittent 'ghost codes' that come and go.

Easy sharing and printing of fault codes

  • Save, print, or share a single fault code or the entire history of fault codes for your vehicle.
  • This feature is beneficial if you are planning to share the fault codes with your shop, technician, or fleet manager.
  • It lets you show them exactly what’s wrong, keeping everyone honest and on the same page. This way, you can make sure your repairs are done right and on time.

OTR Diagnostics coverage

Supporting all the major diesel engines.

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OTR Diagnostics


View fault codes

You don’t just see the fault codes, you learn what they actually mean. This helps you fix problems fast and gets your truck back on the road quickly.

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Real time live data

Access live data parameters from your engine and aftertreatment systems to troublshoot.

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Bi-directional commands

Perform dealer level commands, Reset Fault Codes, Reset Derates, Forced DPF Regen, & More.

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OTR Diagnostics hardware

We break down the hardware that comes with your OTR Diagnostics purchase.

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