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Bi-directional commands

Commands that keep you moving

✔️ Reset active codes and inactive codes

✔️ Reset Aftertreatment system

✔️ Reset Derates

✔️ Reset Soot

✔️ Forced DPF Regen

✔️ Forced SCR Regen

OTR Diagnostics coverage

Supporting all the major diesel engines.

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OTR Diagnostics


View fault codes

You don’t just see the fault codes, you learn what they actually mean. This helps you fix problems fast and gets your truck back on the road quickly.

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Real time live data

Access live data parameters from your engine and aftertreatment systems to troubleshoot.

Learn about Live data

View history

All of the truck information is stored in the cloud, making it easy to get access to this information.

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OTR Diagnostics hardware

We break down the hardware that comes with your OTR Diagnostics purchase.

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