Take the mystery out of modern trucking

Perform functions once reserved for dealers

Read and reset fault codes

Reset active and inactive fault codes + view detailed description such as troubleshooting, history, possible fixes, symptoms & more.

Reset emission derates

When you’ve replaced aftertreatment components to comply with a derate, you can reset the aftertreatment values and be on your way.

dpf regen
Start forced DPF regen

Perform a forced regen when you’re unable to initiate a passive or active regen due to a high soot load or other variables.

live data
Live data

Viewing live data keeps you informed about your vehicle at any moment. Data includes: DEF fluid level, DPF soot level, EGR value position, aftertreatment exhaust temps, and many more.

See what drivers are saying

“This product that I purchased has saved me money . I love this product should have bought it earlier . I do recommend this product to all owner operators.”

Jesus V.


“ A must have tool for owner operators. Can give you an idea of what’s wrong and if in derate it will take it out and let you get to a shop instead of being towed”

Dale P.


“It proved to be amazing OTR performance. It’s so easy to use and very self explanatory. I would recommend it as a handy tool for every trucker. 5 stars ⭐️..”

Deepak R.


“This product is awesome! I didn’t need to know how to use it, it told me what to do! It’s the interface, man, if that’s the right word? It’s dumbing it down to a guy who really has no interest or clue about modern technology or trucks.”

Grant B.


5 stars