Simple. Easy. Diagnostics.

Take control of your diagnostics
no matter where your vehicles are.

otr diagnostics

OTR Diagnostics

OTR Diagnostics is an advanced diagnostic solution application that performs vehicle commands over the road or over-the-air. OTR Diagnostic is available on Apple App store and Google Play Store. Developed by technicians for technicians, fleet owners, drivers and owner operators.

Live Data Display

View the entire fleet from the application at all times. View Live Data and fault codes of each vehicle.

Fault Code Information

Fault code knowledge allows for faster, more accurate repairs.


Clear fault codes, reset aftertreatment system and perform a forced DPF regen whether your vehicles are at your facility or over the road.

Connect and Start

Simple to connect and start taking full advantage of your vehicle diagnostic commands.


Built for fleet owners / managers,
technicians, drivers and owner-operators.

With OTR Diagnostics you are no longer in the dark about your fleet health and status. Quickly view parameters and engine status from your phone or office.

live data

Display Parameters

OTR Diagnostics allows you to view live parameters making sure you are informed of how your fleet is doing. The more knowledge that you have the better you can determine if you have an underlying problem. For instance, viewing your boost pressure will allow you to monitor the pressure of the turbocharger system and it will show you if your truck is under power or not producing the boost pressure that it should.

fault codes

View Fault Codes

OTR Diagnostics allows you to view fault codes remotely. Make decisions that keeps your operation running smoothly in real time.

Remote commands

Send Commands

Clear fault codes by simply selecting the correct truck and performing the reset faults function. Reseting the engine learned data or doing repairs that need a aftertreatment reset, tap the Reset Aftertreatment command and three minutes later, done. To initiate a Force DPF Regen is now a click way.