Available now, OTR Diagnostics v2 improves upon the capabilities of the original with a completely new user interface that features major improvement to the app flow. It is now easier than ever with attention given to every process, from the connection all the way through every last feature.

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OTR Diagnostics provides easy diagnostic connection utilizing a compact bluetooth diagnostic port adapter to your mobile device. The most common procedures are accessible quickly allowing you to read fault codes, initiate a forced DPF regeneration, clear faults and aftertreatment stored data all within a couple minutes. 

Pairing process. The all new guided pairing process has been added, assisting getting your mobile device and vehicle connected. The detailed images make moving through this connection process easier than ever.

Dashboard layout. With the completely redesigned dashboard, you now get a quick glance at active and inactive fault codes, live data, and the ability to send commands right from the main dashboard.

Quick access navigation. The added bottom bar menu allows users to quickly navigate between fault codes, live data, commands and history page. This allows you to quickly jump to monitor live data during regeneration.

Live data grid view. With the introduction of live data grid view users can now choose between the standard list format and the gauge style grid views in live data. With grid view giving you more context to the live data you can now see where in the range it is and quickly see changes in the data points trends. 

Pricing. OTR Diagnostics is available now with a $200 hardware purchase and $600 annual software cost.

Coverage. Current coverages include Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Volvo, Mack, Paccar MX and PX engines.

Availability. Apple iOS 8+

Website Link: https://otrperformance.com/pages/otrdiagnostics

About Us: OTR Performance is a diagnostics company focused on making easy to use tools for owner-operators in the medium and heavy duty trucking industry. 

Media contact information:
Email - Marketing@otrperformance.com
Phone – (586) 799 - 4375