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OTR Performance + Good News Gang

For the month of December OTR Performance will be donating a portion of our proceeds to an organization near and dear to our hearts, Good News Gang. This means that a portion of your purchase of OTR Diagnostics will be donated to this organization.

Who is Good News Gang?

Good News Gang is located in Detroit, Michigan.

Their mission is to help children living in unfavorable conditions encounter the love and hope of Jesus Christ, and to help guide them towards a better future.

Some of these children are living in poverty, facing abuse, violence, and gangs. These are circumstances that no person should have to deal with. With a big heart and open arms Matt, the founder of Good News Gang, meets these kids where they are at.

How does Good News Gang Help Out Children?

Good News Gang reaches children through multiple facets.

  1. Saturday meetings and summer camps
    1. Good News Gang helps children to get to know Jesus Christ. By bringing the kids to their facility every Saturday and through summer camp they can teach kids about the good news of the Gospel in an easy to understand, fun, and relatable way.
  2. Personal mentorship
    1. By developing one-on-one relationships and visiting their homes, the staff at Good News Gang can get to know each child personally.
  3. Providing for physical needs
    1. Good News Gang also provides food, clothing, and school supplies to these children to care for their physical needs.

As you can see, Good News Gang is a special organization reaching kids in their most vulnerable state. So partner with us this month and a part of your purchase will go to helping out the children that the Good News Gang reaches.

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