OTR Diagnostics is the next generation of diagnostic tools for your vehicle.

OTR Diagnostics is a mobile diagnostics application that you can use on your Apple or Android device to perform advanced vehicle diagnostics. You can connect to your vehicle, read active fault codes, and perform dealer level functions right from your mobile device. 

What makes OTR Diagnostics stand out?  

At OTR Performance we have a constant drive for innovation and we are always listening to our customers’ feedback so that we can provide better products. At OTR we have been performing vehicle diagnostics since 2012 and we have put all our efforts into making sure we provide the information you need to perform diagnostics yourself on your vehicle. Therefore, we created OTR Diagnostics. 

What can OTR Diagnostics do in the field?  

in the field

OTR Diagnostics is your new go-to diagnostic tool for repairs. You can use OTR Diagnostics to connect, read fault codes, and perform advanced commands such as resetting fault codes, resetting aftertreatment systemsand performing forced DPF regens on most engine makes and models. OTR is committed to adding new functionality to the app that empowers you to perform advanced diagnostics faster and easier than ever before. 

What is the purpose of a mobile diagnostic app if I have dealer-level software?


Great question! We love dealer level diagnostic software. However, some dealer level software requires internet access at all times, while other dealer level software requires constant updates that never seen to happen when you have the time. Not to mention the equipment is expensive and you have to have extensive knowledge of the program to perform the diagnostics that you are looking for. 

Moreover, there isn’t a one size fits all solution in the diagnostic marketplace so if you have multiple trucks with different engines you need numerous diagnostic software at your disposal to perform diagnostics.  

What hardware do you need for OTR Diagnostics? 

OTR link

You need a Bluetooth adapter called the OTR Link to be able to use OTR Diagnostics. In order to provide the most powerful and secure wireless connection to your vehicle, we partnered with Nexiq Technologies to provide the hardware. The hardware for OTR Diagnostics is called OTR Link powered by Nexiq 

Other than the OTR Link all you need is a mobile device like your phone.  

How do I get started with OTR Diagnostics?  

We recommend using the diagnostics that bundle the hardware + subscription when you proceed to purchase.

At any time, if you have any questions or need clarification, please reach out to us via chat, email: sales@otrperformance.comor by calling: (586) 799-4375 

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