What is the OTR Reset Tool?

We use the term ‘OTR Reset Tool’ often here at OTR Performance and we realize this isn’t a term that is often used, at least not altogether in one phrase, in the trucking industry. As a result, we thought we would break it up and explain our terminology so that you know what this tool is and how it can benefit you and your fleet operation.

Some Key Terms that we focus on: 

DTC: Diagnostic trouble codes
AFT: Aftertreatment system
Reset: The system gets cleared of any memorized data

OTR Reset Tool gives you the power to do some of the most sophisticated resets possible – ones that before our tool could only be done at the dealer or with a pricey software + laptop.  It provides you with all the core functions of a diagnostic software in a compact, easy to use, affordable tool.  

How did we come up with the idea of making an OTR Reset Tool?

This tool was spurred from the idea that anyone can be in control of their class 8 truck issues to avoid downtime, fix certain issues, and save money!

Have you ever connected a diagnostic laptop to your truck only to find out that you don’t have internet connection or that the program doesn’t work because it needs an update?

This doesn’t have to happen and it shouldn’t happen to begin with. We expect that with the thousands of dollars that we spend in diagnostic software and laptops that they work each time, in a timely manner, and when we need them, especially during the most vulnerable of situations!   

  • This is yet another reason behind developing the OTR Reset Tool. You shouldn’t have to depend on the internet to do your diagnostic work, you shouldn’t have to update your software constantly, and you shouldn’t have to go through a complicated process just to do a simple task on your diagnostic laptop. With OTR Reset Tool all you have to do is plug it in into the diagnostic port and let the tool work atomically for you. No button pressing, no complicated system. It’s easy, convenient, and works every time anywhere you are.

So what if The OTR Reset Tool doesn’t clear my fault code?

This can happen. If you have an existing issue or “Active Fault” you must correct the issue or perform a DPF regeneration for the fault code to go “inactive.”

Take a look at the troubleshooting for the fault code that was triggered. Any sensor related to the emission system will cause the DPF regeneration system to fault out and can put you into a mild derate.

Knowing what fault codes you have can help you fix the problem before it goes into a critical derate and this is key to staying on the road and delivering your loads on time.

If you have a MID SID FMI Fault code and you want to decipher what it is, you can read about it in this blog post.

If you have a PCode or OBD code, you can check out this other blog post that we did that explains how to look it up.

Until next time! 👋
Stay safe, stay healthy & be blessed.