This week we wanted to revisit some of our most popular blogs and share them for those newer to OTR. Even if you have seen these, reading them as a refresher we find helpful. So without further ado...

Cummins 5mph DEF Derate

This blog digs into the Cummins application specifically and speaks on the 5mph derate fault code.  

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Volvo and Mack OBD Fault P Codes

Here is our most popular Volvo and Mack blog, it addresses the fault codes and how to decode them on a couple of the most common codes we see from the Volvo and Mack trucks.   

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How long should a forced DPF regen last

This blog about how long a forced DPF regen should last is great information and covers many applications as most of them will be similar in run times for regens, there is a ton to be told on your aftertreatment systems health by how long your Forced regens last, this helps give context to it and get you paying attention before you see small issues turn into big ones.  

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Freightliner Wont Accelerate Past 55mph

Our most popular Detroit Diesel blog covers early stage derates in the DD engines. Pay attention to this one as it can progress further and being limited to 55 is only the early stage.  

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We hope that this revisit can bring new or forgotten information to the top of your mind and keep you ahead of issues in the future. To pose a question, what kind of content would you like to see from us in the future?

Do you have any topics you want to learn more about? Share your thoughts with us by dropping a line in the question box below.

As always, stay safe and keep the rubber side down!