Most everyone on planet earth has a cell phone. It’s our way of communication and for some, it’s a way of life! You now have a wealth of apps at your fingertips designed to streamline routes, enhance safety, and optimize efficiency.

From navigating unfamiliar roads, controlling your diagnostics, to finding the best pit stops, here is our list of some must-have trucking apps that you should consider adding to your toolbox. 

trucker path
Trucker Path 

Functionality: A comprehensive app offering crucial information on truck stops, parking availability, fuel prices, and route planning. Truckers can access real-time updates on amenities and services at various stops, making it easier to plan their journeys efficiently.  

Waze or Google Maps 

Functionality: These navigation giants are indispensable for their accurate mapping, traffic updates, and route optimization features. Truckers rely on them for real-time information on traffic congestion, alternate routes, and optimal paths for their rigs. 

dat one
MyDAT Trucker Services 

Functionality: Tailored specifically for truckers, this app provides essential truck-specific information such as weigh stations, truck washes, rest areas, and other pertinent services crucial for long-haul trips.

road hunter

Functionality: A valuable tool offering truck-friendly points of interest, including truck stops, rest areas, and fuel stations. It helps truckers locate necessary services along their route swiftly.

truck logics

Functionality: Simplifying trip management, expenses, and paperwork, TruckLogics streamlines administrative tasks for truckers, allowing them to focus on the road. 

iExit Trucks 

Functionality: Providing detailed information about upcoming exits, including amenities and services crucial for truckers, this app helps in planning stops effectively.  


Functionality: Offering bypass opportunities for weigh stations, Drivewyze saves truckers precious time on the road, optimizing the journey. 

Weather Channel & Highway Weather 

Functionality: These apps provide critical weather updates and forecasts along the route, aiding truckers in making informed decisions about their journey. 

hammer gps
Hammer GPS 

Functionality: A reliable GPS tool tailored for truckers, offering accurate navigation and route guidance for hassle-free travels. 

Truckers Slide Calc & Cat Scales 

Functionality: Essential for weight management and compliance, these apps assist in calculating load distribution and ensuring adherence to regulations. 

Mud Flap & Windy 

Functionality: Mud Flap helps manage fuel purchases, while Windy provides specific weather information, especially valuable for trips out west, assisting truckers in planning their routes accordingly. 

OTR Diagnostics
OTR Diagnostics 

OTR Diagnostics gives you access to detailed fault code information, monitor real-time live data, perform commands like initiating forced DPF regeneration and track command and fault code history, all from your mobile device. 

As these mobile apps become integral to the trucking industry, they don't just provide convenience; they represent a fundamental shift in how you navigate through the industry.

By embracing these innovations, you are not just adapting to change but leading a technology wave that redefines the entire trucking experience, ensuring smoother, safer, and more manageable hauls for years to come.