OTR Reset Tool | Cummins
OTR Reset Tool | Cummins
OTR Reset Tool | Cummins
OTR Reset Tool | Cummins
OTR Reset Tool | Cummins
OTR Reset Tool | Cummins
OTR Reset Tool | Cummins
OTR Reset Tool | Cummins

OTR Reset Tool | Cummins

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5mph derate

Remove 5mph Derate


Reset Aftertreatment


Start Forced DPF Regen


Clear Fault Codes

60 day money back

60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Includes a 60-day, no-hassle money-back guarantee. If this doesn’t fit your needs for any reason, just let us know within 60-days of receiving your order, and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. We’ve got your back.

Keep your wheels going & your cash flowing

You’ll have the power to clear fault codes, reset the aftertreatment system by reprogramming all the parameters to default values, and if necessary, perform a forced DPF regen of the DPF. Anywhere, anytime.

Our plug-and-play tool gives you the ability to run advanced diagnostic functions, including a forced DPF regen, in less than 5 minutes.

Chassis Coverage
  • Volvo Trucks — All Models
  • Mack Trucks — All Models
  • Peterbilt Trucks— All Models
  • Kenworth Trucks — All Models
  • Freightliner Trucks — All Models
  • Western Star Trucks — All Models
  • International Trucks— All Models
  • Other Heavy Duty Models that use Cummins engines. 
  • NOTE: Does not work on Light-Duty Dodge trucks. 
What comes with the tool?
  • OTR Reset Tool
  • Diagnostic Harness
  • Instructions Manual
  • 5-Year Warranty
Dowload Instructions Manual

Engines Covered (9pin)
Engine Model Emission
Cummins X15 CM2450 DPF/DEF EPA17 (2020-2021)
Cummins X15 CM2350 DPF/DEF EPA13 (2013-2019)
Cummins ISX15  CM2350 DPF/DEF EPA13 (2013-2019)
Cummins ISX15 CM2250 DPF/DEF EPA10 (2011-2012)
Cummins ISX15 CM871 DPF EPA07 (2008-2010)
Cummins ISB6.7 CM2350 DPF/DEF EPA13 (2014-2021)
Cummins ISC8.3 CM2350 DPF/DEF EPA13 (2014-2021)
Cummins ISL9 CM2350 DPF/DEF EPA13/EPA17 (2013-2021)
Cummins X12 CM2350A DPF/DEF EPA13/EPA17 (2013-2021)
Cummins ISB6.7 CM2250 DPF/DEF EPA10 (2011-2013)
Cummins ISC8.3 CM2250 DPF/DEF EPA10 (2011-2013)
Cummins ISL9 CM2250 DPF/DEF EPA10 (2011-2013)
Cummins ISB 6.7 CM2150 DPF (2008-2010)
Cummins ISC8.3 CM2150 DPF (2008-2010)
Cummins ISL9 CM2150 DPF (2008-2010)

NOTE: OTR Diagnostics will not work with the OTR Reset Tool.

Compare OTR Reset Tool vs OTR Diagnostics - here

In less than 1 minute, handle DTC issues including...
  • Reset Active Fault Codes. Fault codes that determine that there is an existing issue. Certain active fault codes can be cleared, however, if the problem has not been fixed the fault code will reappear prompting you to seek service.
  • Reset Inactive Fault Codes. Fault codes that indicate that there was a previous issue.
  • Clear first-time ‘Ghost’ Codes. What’s a ghost code? Specific trucks will display fault codes on the dashboard, and most of the time you’ll have a check engine light or a check module message. After this, a screen will appear stating that the error has occurred. Many of the codes that appear on your dashboard fall into the category of “ghost” codes, meaning that the fault code was triggered by certain conditions that are nearly impossible to recreate.
    To get rid of ghost codes, all you have to do is plug the OTR Reset Tool into the diagnostic connection and clear the DTCs once.
    Note that if the fault code comes back a second time, you do need to take the matter seriously.
Plus, overcome these aftertreatment issues in 3 minutes or less
  • Reset Ash Accumulators. Ash accumulators have stored values in the engine control module (ECM).  Ash level includes measurement of ash in the DPF.
  • Reset DPF Accumulators. DPF accumulators have stored values in the engine control module (ECM). DPF level includes measurement of soot in the DPF. 
  • Reset Aftertreament Learned Data. Measurement of learned data based on various engine components to adjust your injection timing based on characteristics of your engine sensor values.
  • Reset DPF Regeneration Timers. Measurement of time since the last DPF regen occurred. The calculation is based on time, miles driven, and fuel usage.

"Great product! Great tech service, gentleman on the phone was with me for a long time and helped me a lot!! Super super company!! best money ever spent"
Review by Michael W. on Jan 18, 2021

How the OTR Reset Tool Helps with High Soot Notifications & Derates

When a failure occurs, this will prompt you a “high soot” notification on your dash and will derate your vehicle to seek service. You’d need to take the filter off the vehicle and send it to an approved DPF cleaning shop so they can assess how badly it’s clogged. If the filter is a good candidate for cleaning, then you’d perform that service and reinstall the filter on your vehicle. 

This is where the reset tool comes in handy — because your filter is clean, but your engine controllers don’t know it yet! The OTR Tool resets the system so your engine knows it’s operating with a cleaned filter.

What’s a forced DPF regen, and when should you perform it?

A forced DPF regen is performed when a diagnostic scan tool, such as the OTR Reset Tool, starts the regen process. The DPF soot load could be too high for a passive or active regen to occur, meaning you’ll need to perform a forced DPF regen. 

  • When to start a forced DPF regen?
    • When the soot level is too high for a passive or active regen to occur
    • When maintenance items are replaced on the aftertreatment system in order for you to clear certain fault code
    • To keep your DPF filters clean, which can save you fuel mileage and prevent breakdowns

7,000+ units

sold and counting.

6 years

of development.


4.9 ★★★★★ Reviews.

Who’s the OTR Reset Tool for?

The OTR Reset Tool is for fleet owners, owner-operators and drivers who are tired of paying every month for check engine lights, regens, and resets. 

With this tool, you’ll instantly be able to:

  • Cut down on the days your vehicles spend in repair shops
  • Get a deeper insight into your engine’s performance and each rig’s unique quirks
  • Drive confidently at night or out of state with less worrying about getting stuck

If you’ve ever lost a day (or a load) due to breakdowns, engine faults, soot level, or mysterious, un-re-creatable ghost codes, you need this tool.

Take it from our happy customers:
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Review 3

How To Use


How To Use


How To Use


Reset Tool FAQ

What does a forced regen do?

Forced regeneration is a diagnostic process that builds temperature to burn soot accumulation down to ash within the dpf filter. During this process, the truck's computer can closely monitor and test multiple portions of the after treatment system. This type of regeneration can only be performed when a diagnostic tool starts the process within the truck's computer.

What if the fault codes do not go away?

Yes, this can happen! If you have an existing issue or “Active Fault,” you must correct the issue or perform a DPF regen for the code to go inactive.

Will this fix my truck?

The OTR Reset Tool helps avoid problems, aid in resetting parameters, and running a forced regen. However, if you have any component failures related to the aftertreatment system, they will still require repair.

Will a forced regen void my warranty?

Resetting faults, resetting soot levels, and running forced regens will NOT void your warranty.

How often to do a forced regen?

A forced regen can be performed as often as possible. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend once every couple of weeks to ensure that the filters are maintained.

60-Day Guarantee

We get it, you don’t know us very well yet. That’s why all OTR tools come with a 60-day, no-hassle money-back guarantee. If this tool doesn’t fit your needs for any reason, just let us know within 60 days of receiving your order, and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. We’ve got your back.

5-Year Warranty

All our products come with a free limited 5-year warranty. Before any product leaves OTR Performance it is tested and retested to ensure it works as intended the first time. The 5-year warranty also includes one free exchange should there be an update for your particular Reset Tool.

USA Support

Located in Detroit MI, (EST). A truly committed team of trained experts that are there to assist with any customer service, technical support or general questions you may have. No bots. No bouncing. Real help from real people, when you need us! Contact us via phone, chat, or email anytime.

  1. This product will not bypass the operation of any emission control component. This tool is used to reset the modules after replacing aftertreatment components or initiating a forced regeneration.
  2. You can use your display to find out what your fault codes mean or OTR Diagnostics. Some heavy-duty trucks will not allow you to view your fault codes. In such a case you will need to plug into a diagnostic software to read the DTC or use OTR Diagnostics.
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Vladimir B.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Haven’t used it yet because I bought to have it in all my trucks just in case of emergency but shipping was phenomenal. Ordered Sunday and it came on Tuesday. Nicely packaged, bunch of ways to cover in touch with support if you need anything and most importantly they are Christian company that provides great service to the customer and you can feel by the way they packaged each device that came in. Thank you guys, keep on doing the good work. God bless.

OTR Performance® Inc. OTR Reset Tool | Cummins ReviewOTR Performance® Inc. OTR Reset Tool | Cummins ReviewOTR Performance® Inc. OTR Reset Tool | Cummins ReviewOTR Performance® Inc. OTR Reset Tool | Cummins Review
Jose P.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Bought one

First time use was when truck went into a 4 hour to engine derate. The 5 mile per hour de rate limp home mode. Tried reseting and removing fault code. No luck. Then high soot level box lit up . Determined a forced regen was all that was needed. Used OTR tool to do that. Successful. Fault code and warning box went off. This one use paid for the OTR tool. No tow or visit to shop needed. On another derate it was a bad nox sensor. That one cost me $ 2,000,00 . Tow part and labour. This was what convinced me $ 800.00 for the OTR was a good investment. Truck was in shop nearly two weeks waiting on part.

Domernick H.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Domernick hollis

We I first got it was great not evening using alot its not clearing codes anymore

Gregory H.
United States United States
I recommend this product
OTR Reset Tool - Cummins Engine

Used the tool 2x, using mostly for the forced regens, tool works great.

United States United States
I recommend this product

This product is a life saver got me home to repair my trucl after being strainded

Viacheslav K.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Good product and good quality service

Very good product

Reda B.
Must have tool

Works as described

Dennis C.
New purchase

Have used it twice since I made the purchase, it has already paid for itself!

George Q.
Qtr Reset tool. A must have wort the money.

Qtr Reset tool works great. Knowing we can reset the codes to prevent tows to an international dealer while driving our camper in remote locations is worth every penny. Being able to do a regen when we want is a big plus. Unfortunately diesels have the problematic DEF junk on our vehicles. Nice having the back up insurance of the Qtr Cummings reset tool. Great factory support and great people.

Thad T.
I haven't had to use

I haven't had to use my reset tool yet but so far I'm impressed with the overall build quality and the instructions.

Duane S.
Life saver! Saved my ***

Life saver! Saved my *** several times already.

Brad S.
Most valuable tool in my truck.

I know you folks wanted a review right away, it has now been six months since I bought this tool. What am I going to say about something I just purchased and never used? Six months later I have now used the tool numerous times and now I can share my experience with it, the good, bad and ****. Spoiler alert, there is no bad and ****. If you own a truck you undoubtedly have had the dreaded check engine light or mil lamp of death come on, then the 3 hours till derate warning sending you to the shop for what is always a thousand plus in emissions related repairs and a forced regen. My truck is a 17 KW T680 with the Cummins X15. Have had these dreaded lights and warnings numerous times with most coming after factory warranty expired. The price of this tool seemed a little expensive but having been to the shop numerous times for SCR system issues it seemed like a good bet to at least give the reset tool a try. It performs exactly as advertised. The lights and warnings on the dash come on, I plug in the reset tool, follow the simple instructions and the lights and warnings disappear. I pergorm.a forced regen monthly and have had a noticeable improvement in both performance and fuel economy keeping that DPF clean. I highly recommend this product for any owner operator or fleet owner. It has saved me thousands in repairs and downtime. Thank you OTR Performance for a fantastic product. Brad S. Owner Operator.

Heinrich G.

Thank you..I drove from Maine to Pitsburg with a SCR and Derate code and 5383 on my truck and I make it safe .. No derate, no problem.. Again Thank you guys .. Very happy

Scott H.
Fast service

Part arrived quickly. Not exactly what I was expecting, and have not had the need to use it yet, but I am told it works exactly as advertised. Otr was great to deal with. Highly reccommend.

Viacheslav K.
Working great

Working Cummins isx 15 2012-2015