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OTR Diagnostics | Pro

OTR Diagnostics | Pro

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OTR Diagnostics Pro
(12 Month - Auto Renew)

OTR Diagnostics goes beyond your typical hand held scan tool.

detailed fault code information


OTR Diagnostics gives you access to vital information about fault codes, their causes and more. These details rival advanced dealership software, far exceeding your average handheld scan tool.

✔️ Quickly discover what those dash lights mean.
✔️ Know what caused the problem.
✔️ Learn how often the problem has occurred.
✔️ Know how to fix it or what components need replacing.

Once you know the problem you can take care of it. Who’s in control now?

This device has already paid for itself! It correctly said we needed a NOX sensor in order to get the check engine light off. 100% correct! Saved several trips to the dealer. 5 Stars!

Greg W.



Gone are the days when only your dealer technician or roadside mechanic could force a regen on your truck. You can also reset fault codes or aftertreatment. Send the command from your device in just one tap, and the process begins. Now you can perform your own repairs and maintain the DPF system yourself.

✔️ Reset Fault Codes
✔️ Reset Aftertreatment
✔️ Forced DPF regen

Didn’t we say you’ll feel like you're in control?

Really enjoy how much information is offered with this tool and details how to fix the problem without a expensive bill at the end besides buying the parts .. For a owner operator you can’t go wrong with this tool trust me.

Fred O.



Modern trucks have computers making thousands of decisions every second. OTR Diagnostics’ live data gives you real-time information the computer is using to run the truck. Do you want to monitor what kind of temperatures your exhaust is reaching during regeneration or what your EGR position is? Live data is where you will find that and so much more. Viewing live data lets you see problems before they stop you in your tracks.

OTR Diagnostics lets you monitor things like:

✔️ DPF Fluid Level

✔️ Battery Voltage

✔️ DPF Soot Level

✔️ Boost Pressure

✔️ EGR Valve Position

✔️ Accelerator Pedal Position

✔️ Exhaust Temps

✔️ Engine Fuel Delivery Pressure

“Just got the otr tool today, hooked it up and couldn't be more pleased with how well it works and the real time data is a huge help when trying to diagnose.”

James R.

2014 VOLVO D13


Puzzled with a reoccurring issue that’s not so easy to resolve? Knowing your history can help you diagnose the problem. OTR Diagnostics records fault codes and commands. Now you’ll know where your truck had issues and when you reset fault codes, reset aftertreatment, initiated forced DPF regens, and how long regen lasted.

“After $1800+ dealer dollars in a month, I went for OTR’s subscription because of the 60 day return and solved my issue in about 2 hours after the tool arrived. After clearing codes and a 90 minute regen … Issue fixed. Money well spent.”

George G.


OTR Diagnostics Features at a Glance

Multiple Vehicle Vin

Get full diagnostic access to an unlimited number of vehicles with a variety of makes and engines.

Read and Reset Fault Codes

View/reset active and inactive fault codes. Detailed descriptions provide troubleshooting, history, possible fixes.

Fault Code & Command History

Know how often and when a fault code was reset or a forced DPF regen lasted.

Reset Emission Derates

When you’ve replaced aftertreatment components to comply with a derate, you can reset the aftertreatment values and be on your way.

Start Forced DPF Regen

Perform a forced regen when you’re unable to initiate a passive or active regen due to a high soot load or other variables.

Live Data

Viewing live data keeps you informed about your vehicle at any moment. Data includes: DEF Fluid Level, DPF Soot Level, EGR Value Position, Aftertreatment
Exhaust Temps, (+more).

Offline Mode

Use OTR Diagnostics even in locations with no service or data with up to 14-days from your last online session.

OTR Diagnostics FAQ

How does the subscription work?

Subscriptions are based on a 12-month basis.

Does this App need to be online to be used?

OTR Diagnostics is bluetooth based and does require you to have Wifi or cellular coverage for you to be able to use the app

I currently have a compatible Bluetooth Adapter. How can I purchase only a subscription?

Stand-alone OTR Diagnostics subscriptions are available by contacting us - Contact us today!

If I have an existing OTR Performance account, how do I link my OTR Diagnostics subscription to the account?

When purchasing a subscription, you must use the same email on your existing account when you are on the checkout page. Then it will automatically link your subscription to your existing account. If you are having problems managing your subscriptions, click here

Which platforms Is OTR Diagnostics available for?

OTR Diagnostics works on iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets.

How do I create an account?

  • You have to create an account on the web browser. Follow the details below to get started.
  • Create an account at
    • Purchase your professional package / subscription and use your email that you used when purchasing.
      • If you purchased, please check your email to activate your account with the email that you purchased with.
      • Please note: OTR Diagnostics Subscription is tied to your email that you used to make the purchase.
    • Download the "OTR Diagnostics" mobile app and use the credentials created to Login in to "OTR Diagnositics" on both iOS & Android.
      • If you experience any issues, please email, chat or call us! 586-799-4375

60-Day Guarantee

We get it, you don’t know us very well yet. That’s why OTR Diagnostics comes with a 60-day, no-hassle money-back guarantee. If this tool doesn’t fit your needs for any reason, just let us know within 60 days of receiving your order, and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. We’ve got your back.

USA Support

Located in Detroit MI, (EST). A truly committed team of trained experts that are there to assist with any customer service, technical support or general questions you may have. No bots. No bouncing. Real help from real people, when you need us! Contact us via phone, chat, or email anytime.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our OTR Diagnostics hardware is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which is a testament to our commitment to your satisfaction. We understand that your investment in our product is significant, and we want you to be confident that it will perform as designed.