Electric trucks may not be a thing in the distant future any longer. Volvo announced a statement saying that they will release 15 electric class 8 semi-trucks in Southern California and that by 2020 fully electric trucks will be available for purchase by the public. 

Not only this but Volvo plans on releasing a fully autonomous, fully electric class- 8 semi-truck with no cab and no emissions, which they named Vera. Volvo does believe this will help the transportation industry in various ways. Volvo also believes it will help ease the shortage of drivers and foster faster, more efficient deliveries based on the fact that an autonomous, fully electric truck can be operated at all times of the day or night with no restrictions. However, Volvo does think that this vehicle, at least in its early stages, will be used mainly in urban settings and for companies to transport their goods from one headquarter to another. 

Volvo isn't the only company looking to develop fully electric class 8 semi-trucks. Tesla, Cummins, Daimler, and Peterbilt are all knee-deep in similar projects. 

What do you guys think of this change? Do you think these new semi-trucks will be a success or will they completely fail? Do you guys think it would make life easier on the road with having an autonomous truck deliver some loads through the night? 

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