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5 Benefits of Attending a Trucking Tradeshow

Trucking tradeshows are fun and productive. OTR Performance has attended trucking shows the past few years and we thought it might be helpful for you to understand the benefits of why we keep attending them and why you should consider going too!

With so many different trucking tradeshows that exist you need to know which one is right for you to attend. It’s important to know what the purpose of the tradeshow you are going to is so that you can get the best return on your investment (ROI).    

  1. Great conversations lead to great outcomes
    1. This is so true when attending a tradeshow. You get to have great conversations with vendors and other truckers. You may learn something new from a fellow trucker to get some tips and trucks for life on the road.
    2. You’ll also get to talk to others about different pain points that you are currently facing and how are they dealing with similar situations.
  2. Learn about the newest products in the industry 
    1. Chances are you will see the latest and greatest products that are available. You get to ask questions and learn how these products will help you and save you money.
  3. Find new ways to improve your operations
    1. Fuel cards, load boards, ELD providers, tracking software, trailer manufacturers, reefers, bluetooth headphones, truck manufacturers and so many other tools that you’ll learn about that can improve your operations.
  4. Discount, Discounts, Discounts.
    1. Tradeshows provide a great way to get products at a discount. Vendors often run promotions during the show.
  5. Custom Trucks
    1.  Who doesn’t love to see custom trucks?! You will have a chance to see and even climb into some cool interiors. You’ll also get to see the latest trucks on the market.

 Here are some trucking tradeshows that are going on in 2022:  

Mid America Truck Show (MATS) – One of the largest truck shows in the US. This show has 11,000 Fleet Attendees, 18,000+ Owner Ops, and 4200+ Manufacturers/Suppliers.  

To get your tickets or learn more visit: 

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  • Want to come say hi to us? Visit us at booth #17144  

California Trucking Show- Regional Trucking show located in Ontario, California.  

To get your tickets or learn more visit: 

  • Want to come say hi to us? Visit us at booth #706 

Texas Trucking Show- Regional Trucking show located in Houston, Texas.  

To get your tickets or learn more visit: 

  • Want to come say hi to us? Visit us at booth #816 

Here is a video we did when we attended a tradeshow! We hope to see you at one!  

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