We've got to take a moment to give a massive shoutout to Trucking & Fixing with Ryan! Ryan took the time to craft an insightful blog about us, diving deep into the world of diagnostics and the solutions we provide for the trucking community. His expertise and willingness to share his knowledge are truly invaluable. 

Ryan's journey from truck driver and owner-operator to a guiding voice for others in our industry is nothing short of inspiring. He's walked the miles, faced the breakdowns, and knows firsthand the challenges of being far from home when trouble strikes. His blog doesn’t just spotlight our tools; it speaks to the heart of what we all face out there on the road. 

We're beyond grateful for Ryan's support and for spotlighting how crucial having the right diagnostic tools, like OTR Performance, can be for owner-operators, fleet managers, and owners alike. His review underscores the difference between being stranded and being empowered to tackle the issues head-on, no matter where you are. 

Ryan's detailed look at the professional version of our diagnostic tool, the importance of live data, DPF resets, forced regen capabilities, and the lifesaver that is the Paccar saver feature, showcases not just our product's versatility but its necessity in the trucking world. Plus, you can use promo code (road3333) which is Ryan’s promo code for a special discounted price.  

To Ryan and the entire Trucking & Fixing with Ryan community - thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your dedication to educating and helping the trucking community navigate the complexities of truck diagnostics and maintenance is truly making a difference. 

Don't miss out on Ryan's blog for a deep dive into how our solutions can streamline your operations and keep you running smoothly. Here’s to fewer breakdowns, more informed decisions, and a tighter-knit trucking community, thanks to voices like Ryan's. Check out more here.