We know the road can be tough, and breakdowns are a part of the journey. But what if you could turn a roadside disaster into a triumph? That's exactly what happened to one of our customers, and we wanted to share their inspiring story with you. 

Here is Jerry's story:

Your code scanner saved me thousands of dollars in diagnostics & down time by allowing me to quickly identify the problem & when I got stuck on what to do you were there to assist me after hours & on the weekend. You have a customer here for life!  

This truck broke down in Amarillo, TX when I purchased it. I replaced the compressor & repaired it enough to drive to Freightliner. After spending $9,000 at the Amarillo Freightliner dealership, I decided to drive the truck home & finish the repairs myself. In less than 30 miles into the 1,000+ mile trip the check engine light came on. 

Thanks to your scanner I was able to identify the need for an inbound & outbound NOx sensor. I made it to Oklahoma City where I bought & installed both new sensors that Friday night.  

Half-way between O K C & Tulsa my truck was in 25 % derate mode & I parked in the service area on I-44. I was up all Friday night desperately trying to figure out why the codes wouldn't clear & restore the truck to full power.  

As a last resort before throwing in towel & calling a tow truck I reached out to you, Jason. 10:40 AM on a Saturday morning & you were there! 

Like a guardian angel, you guided me through everything step by step & got me home to KY without ANY more trouble. Thank you is just not strong enough of an expression to convey my deep sincere appreciation for you & your product!  

Jerry Laitinen 
Laitinen Logistics 
Radcliff, KY 

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