Radiator Coolant Drain Hose

Radiator Coolant Drain Hose

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Coolant Drain Hose (Volvo & Mack Trucks)

Custom Quick Connect Hose

This Radiator Coolant Drain Hose will allow you to remove your coolant from the radiator. The coupler at the end of the hose will attach to the bottom side of the radiator. Once connected, the coolant will start to flow out of the hose and into your 5-gallon bucket you have prepared.


  • Quick connect fitting, this isn't your standard coupler. OEM design
  • Leak free connection
  • Well built with high quality materials
  • Longer hose for easy access


Watch the Installation Video

The installation process is very easy to do. We provide you a step by step guide for this product installation.




  • 2004-2018 Volvo Trucks – All Models (D11, D13, D16 Engines)
  • 2008-2018 Mack Trucks – All Models (MP7, MP8, MP10 Engines)

Whats included

  • Drain hose