DTC Reset Tool | Volvo Mack
DTC Reset Tool Volvo Mack 9-pin
DTC Reset Tool Volvo Mack 9-pin
DTC Reset Tool Volvo Mack 9-pin
DTC Reset Tool | Volvo Mack
DTC Reset Tool Volvo Mack OBD
DTC Reset Tool Volvo Mack OBD
DTC Reset Tool | Volvo Mack
DTC Reset Tool | Volvo Mack
DTC Reset Tool Volvo Mack
DTC Reset Tool | Volvo Mack
DTC Reset Tool Volvo Mack

DTC Reset Tool | Volvo Mack

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DTC Reset Tool is a Plug & Play tool that will reset your Active or Inactive fault codes based on the truck that you have selected. This sends the same OEM level resets so you will know that everything is included in the module. This is a great tool to have for any driver, fleet owner or shop owner. The product is used solely for the purpose of clearing “Active or Inactive” fault codes on all of the modules that are present in the truck. 


  • Clears All Active & Inactive Fault Codes
  • Plug & Play concept
  • OEM level commands, don't need to have PTT
  • Resets Engine, Transmission, Vehicle, Brakes, Chassis, Light Control, Link, Instrument Cluster, etc. 
  • Plugs right into the Diagnostic port, uses J1708 / J1939
  • Works on Volvo / Mack / Prevost 

Specific trucks will display fault codes on the dashboard, most of the time it will trigger a check engine light or check module message. When this happens, you will automatically start to notice a screen stating the error has occurred. A lot of times these codes appear but they fall into the category of “Ghost Code”. The meaning “Ghost code” is from a fault code was triggered due to certain conditions that will be almost impossible to recreate. This causes excessive downtime in trying to find a repair shop to figure out if this is serious or not. This also misleads the owner into thinking this is a serious problem with the truck. The DTC reset tool that will keep you in control of downtime. Clearing the fault code once and seeing if the fault codes come back. If it comes back a second time, then you can proceed with taking the matter seriously.

With having so many fault codes on your truck you don’t want to continue driving the truck without making sure it’s safe to drive. Having this tool in your truck will ensure you can always make it home or remove a temporary derate.

 **Note this product will not bypass the operation of any emission control component.**

You can use your display to find out what the fault code means, some trucks will not let you view fault codes. This is programmed in the instrument module, for these cases you will need to hook up to a diagnostic software to read the DTC.

Here is a helpful video to find the fault codes on your Volvo Trucks, 2011+ trucks will have limited options for checking this menu and you will not be able to clear fault codes through the instrument module. This tool doesn’t alter any settings on  Engine ECU and other electronic modules, it just clears active and inactive faults from the system. This tool is your greatest help when you are out on the road.



Volvo  Mack
D12: US99, US04 Aset AC: US04
D11: US 07, US10 MP7: US04, US07, US10 *MRU/LEU Supported
D13: US07, US10 MP8: US07, US10
D16: US04, US07, US10 MP10: US07, US10

Diagnostic Connector: 16-pin OBD - 2014-2018

Volvo Mack
D11: US13, US17 MP7: US13, US17 *MRU/LEU Supported
D13: US13, US17 MP8: US13, US17
D16: US13, US17 MP10: US13

Diagnostic Connector: 9-Pin + 16-pin OBD - 1999-2018

Volvo Mack
D12: US99, US04 Aset AC: US04
D11: US07, US10, US13, US17 MP7: US04, US07, US10, US13, US17 *MRU/LEU Supported
D13: US07, US10, US13, US17 MP8: US07, US10, US13, US17
D16: US04, US07, US10, US13, US17 MP10: US07, US10, US13

Chassis Coverage

  • Volvo Trucks – All Models
  • Mack Trucks – All Models
  • Prevost – All Models, US10+

Volvo / Mack / Prevost Modules 
J1587/1708 Protocol:

  • Engine ECU (MID 128) – Volvo / Mack
  • Transmission ECU (MID130) – I-Shift / Eaton / Meritor
  • ABS / Brake ECU (MID136) - Eaton / Meritor
  • Instrument Cluster Faults (MID 140)
  • Link System Faults (MID 142)
  • Vehicle ECU Faults (MID 144)
  • Climate Control Faults (MID 146)
  • Light Control Module Faults (MID 216)
  • Gear Selector Module Faults (MID 223)
  • Aftertreament ACM Faults (MID 233)
  • Bodybuilder System Faults (MID 249)
  • Steering Wheel Module Faults (MID 250)
  • Stamdard SAE J1708 Fault Codes

Volvo / Mack / Prevost Modules **Only on 2013+, US13 / US17**
J1939 Protocol

  • Engine ECU (SA 0)
  • ACM / Aftertreatment ECU (SA 16)
  • Transmission ECU (SA 24) – I-Shift
  • Standard J1939 Fault Codes

How to use

  1. Turn on the ignition off for 1 minute.
  2. Connect the DTC Fault eraser to the 9-pin / OBD Connection under the dash.
  3. Turn the ignition on for 1 minute. (key on / engine off)
  4. Look for signs on the dashboard: CEL will disappear, ABS will start clicking
  5. After commands are set, check for fault codes by starting the truck.
  6. If fault codes still exist, turn the ignition off for 1 minute and try again.
  7. Once fault codes are erased, you can simply disconnect the module.
  8. If the fault codes remain “active” then it is required to take your truck into a service shop.