Works with many different engines

No matter what type of engine your truck has—like Cummins, Paccar MX, Detroit Diesel, Volvo or Mack. We work with all of them.

Make better choices for your truck

With all the detailed info you get from our diagnostics, you can make smarter decisions about how to manage your repair.

Find and fix engine problems fast

Quickly spot any issues with your engine and get them fixed right away.

Modern diagnostic tool for modern trucks

OTR Diagnostics lets you take matters in your hands to diagnose issues yourself.

  • Saving you a trip to the repair shop
  • Avoiding unnecessary dealer visits
  • Staying off the side of the road
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Know your fault codes

View active and inactive fault codes with detailed descriptions providing troubleshooting steps, possible fixes, symptoms and much more

Monitor vehicle parameters

Live data keeps you informed about your vehicle at any moment by monitoring engine parameters in real-time.

Send bi-directional commands

Forced DPF regen, reset emission derates, reset EGR derates and reset fault codes now from your mobile device

History of fault codes and commands

Know how often and when a fault code was triggered or how long forced DPF regen lasts

Detailed fault code information

For owner-operators in the trucking industry, understanding and managing fault codes through OTR Diagnostics can significantly enhance operational efficiency and reduce downtime.

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Clear explanations:

Get detailed descriptions of each fault code, helping you understand exactly what's wrong with your truck.

Avoid unnecessary repairs

By knowing precisely what each code means, you can avoid costly and unnecessary trips to the mechanic, focusing only on the repairs that matter.

Live data monitoring

Live data feature enables continuous monitoring of your truck’s performance, providing immediate insights into its operational status.

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Monitor performance with live data

Track your truck’s vital systems in real-time. This allows you to spot potential problems as they develop, not just after they've caused a breakdown.

Optimize fuel efficiency

Use real-time data to tweak your driving habits and improve fuel efficiency, reducing operational costs.

Bi-directional commands

Effortlessly reset active and inactive fault codes, manage your aftertreatment system, derates, soot levels, and perform forced DPF or SCR regens on-demand.

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Immediate response tools

Perform critical commands like resetting aftertreatment derates and initiating forced DPF regen yourself.

Reduce downtime

Quickly resolve issues that could sideline your truck, keeping your schedule intact and your truck moving.

View fault and command history

Access to detailed fault and command history is essential for maintaining a reliable and efficient truck, offering critical insights into the operational history and health of the truck.

Learn more about History

Historical insights:

Access a complete history of faults and commands used on your truck. This record is crucial for diagnosing recurring issues and planning future maintenance.

Better resale value

Maintain a well-documented history of your truck’s health and repairs, which can enhance its resale value.

OTR Diagnostics coverage

Supporting all the major diesel engines.

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Nexiq Blue-Link 2 hardware

  • Unlock the full potential of your truck's diagnostics system with Nexiq Blue-Link 2 hardware.
  • Designed for seamless integration with the trucks we support, this device connects via Bluetooth, ensuring robust and reliable data transmission without the hassle of wires.
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