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Ilya IG Transcraft Express LLC Success Story


Ilya Trucking

Title: Owner-Operator
 Company: IG Transcraft Express LLC
Type of Vehicle: Volvo VNL D13 Class 8 Semi-Truck
Youtube: Ilya & Diesel Channel




Ilya and his dog, Diesel, have been driving across the United States for many years and he, like any seasoned truck driver, knows that life over the road is not easy. Constant fault codes on the dashboard make the drive seem uneasy and uncertain at times. It can make any driver feel out of control, as if the semi-truck is controlling you instead of you controlling it.

Ilya knew these struggles personally. He had codes that would come up and when he went to the closest technician, he had to pay hundreds of dollars to clear fault codes, “Ghost” codes, and to do a forced regen. He wanted a tool that would help keep him on the road without any added downtime due to fault codes coming from the engine and aftertreatment system.

As a result, Ilya took matters into his own hands and looked for resources to take matters into his own hands.


The Solution

Ilya found OTR Performance’s website and after thorough research of our products along with viewing our YouTube videos, he purchased the Volvo OTR Reset Tool. When we at OTR Performance released the forced regen enabled option for the Reset Tool he upgraded as well.


The Results

When Ilya had a check engine light appear on his dashboard, he wanted to see if this was an actual problem or just a “Ghost” code. Ilya followed the simple directions on the Reset Tool and it cleared the codes. This saved him hundreds of dollars simply by buying the Reset Tool and it saved him downtime waiting for an appointment to get his fault codes cleared. Empowered by the OTR Reset Tool, Ilya is now a proactive and well-prepared owner-operator who can drive across the country with a bit more confidence.

Hear Ilya for himself. He has a YouTube channel where he reviews the Volvo OTR Reset Tool and shows you how he uses the tool.