Set up in a few simple steps.

Step 1

Select Subscription Plan, Diagnostic Adapter and Harness


Step 2

Connect Adapter To Vehicle Diagnostic Plug


Step 3

Download OTR Diagnostics App For Your Mobile Device


Step 4

Begin Using OTR Diagnostics App

How to videos

How to

2018 Peterbilt 587 Paccar MX

How to

2018 Freightliner DD15

How to

2015 Volvo D13 Engine

How to

2014 Freightliner Cummins ISX

Select Your Engine To Start

Includes subscription, adapter, and harness.

Cummins Package
Detroit Diesel Package
Paccar Diagnostic Package
Volvo Mack Package

Multiple Makes / Engines

Includes subscription, adapters, and harnesses.

Pro Package

Download the Instructions Manual

OTR Diagnostics FAQ

How does the subscription work? 
Subscriptions are based on a per yearly basis.
Does this App need to be online to be used?
OTR Diagnostics is bluetooth based and does require you to have Wifi or cellular coverage for you to be able to use the app.
I currently have a compatible Bluetooth Adapter. How can I purchase only a subscription?
Stand-alone OTR Diagnostics subscriptions are available by contacting us - Contact us today!
If I have an existing OTR Performance account, how do I link my OTR Diagnostics subscription to the account?
When purchasing a subscription, you must use the same email on your existing account when you are on the checkout page. Then it will automatically link your subscription to your existing account. If you are having problems managing your subscriptions, click here
Which platforms Is OTR Diagnostics available for?
OTR Diagnostics works on iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets.
How do I create an account?

We have a couple of different ways to create an account. You can create an account on a web browser OR by using the mobile app. Follow the details below to get started.

Create account with

  • Create an account on a web browser at OTR Performance
  • Purchase your subscription and use your email that is attached to your OTR account.
  • Download and use credentials created to use the mobile application.

Create account on the OTR Diagnostics mobile app

  • You can register by using the app
  • Purchase your subscription and use your email that is attached to your OTR account.
  • Use credentials created to login into mobile "OTR Diagnostics" Application

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