The performance modules communicate with your engine ECU to give you the best engine parameters for increased overall performance. The systems are also referred to as deletes and will eliminate any issues related to the EGR / DPF / DEF / SCR system. The selected system is all plug-n-play. No tuning required.

The power gain modules recalibrate the ECU injector timing increasing the overall horsepower and torque of the truck. The power gain modules do not alter the EGR / DPF / DEF / SCR systems.

Power gains - precisely tuned for horsepower and torque increase. They are directly connected to the ECU and can be set for desired performance via jumpers.

Deletes are component bypasses. These modules work hand in hand with your ECU and do not alter the programming of the ECU. They merely simulate a fully working system.

Yes. These modules are programmed to work alongside your truck and installing our modules on your vehicle will not void your engine's warranty.

1-Year warranty on the all performance modules and harness.

No. Our modules are engineered to not alter the ECU commands or factory settings.

Each system varies. Most are a simple connection of performance module, and some require modification.

We provide you with instructional videos, guides and dedicated technical support to help you do this yourself. We also will recommend from our large authorized shops that can do the installation.

Our modules are made out of dustproof and watertight casings. Able to withstand vibration, extreme temperatures and normal wear and tear. We expect these to last the life of your truck.

Occasionally drivers state an increase in average MPG. However, this all depends on your driving, hauling weight and terrain.

Deletes are not rated for horsepower and torque increase.

Power Gain improve horsepower and torque of your truck

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