Your drive just got better. Live Data, Fault Codes, and Commands.

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Monitor DPF Status, DEF Level, DPF Soot Level, Exhaust Temperatures, Boost, Speed, and much more.
All from the DigitalDash™.

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Live Parameters

View boost pressure, monitor engine load, view emission values (regen status, def level, soot load, NOx sensor readings) all "on the fly".

View Fault Codes

SPN, SA, FMI, mean something. With the built in coder reader its now easier than ever to know what that fault code is.

Send Commands

Along with the patent-pending Reset Tool, Simply initiate a forced regen, reset fault codes, and reset aftertreament system anywhere anytime.

DigitalDash™ - Your Road Companion

With DigitalDash you are no longer in the dark about your trucks health and status. Internet connectivity is optional but not required.

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Display Parameters

DigitalDash allows you to view live parameters making sure you are informed of how your truck is doing. The more knowledge that you have the better you can determine if you have an underlying problem. For instance, viewing your boost pressure will allow you to monitor the pressure of the turbocharger system and it will show you if your truck is under power or not producing the boost pressure that it should.

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Reset Tool Connectivity

DigitalDash allows you not only to view live parameters but to also send advanced diagnostic functions using the Reset Tool that is embedded into the software. The advanced functions include initiating a forced regen, clearing active or inactive fault codes, and resetting the aftertreatment system.

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Forced DPF Regen

Forced regeneration is performed when a diagnostic scan tool starts the regeneration process. The forced regeneration overrides the soot accumulation or soot levels that are calculated in the ECM. The DPF soot load could be too high for a passive and active regeneration to occur causing the condition where it is required to perform a forced regeneration.

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Customer Reviews


The part I order works excellent extremely happy!! I would definitely be ordering more stuff in the nearest future.


Most reliable people, they always happy to help you. Love their reset tool, ever since I got it I start living a better life no more headaches how to get rid of check engine light


Always great products, fast shipping. Highly Recommended this company!