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8 Most Common Truck Failures Caused by Heat

1. Engine Overheating

2. Tire Blowouts

3. Battery Failure

4. Fuel System Issues

5. Oil Viscosity and Lubricants

6. Cooling System

7. Air Conditioning System

8. Aftertreatment System

Heat can be a truck's worst enemy, often leading to frequent and costly breakdowns. Let's dive into the 8 most common truck failures caused by heat and how OTR Diagnostics can aid with high heat situations!

Engine Overheating

Engine overheating is a serious concern for truck owners, and regular checks of the cooling system are vital to ensure the engine functions properly.

With OTR Diagnostics, you have a powerful tool at your fingertips that can make this process simpler and more effective.

Tire Blowouts

To prevent tire problems, it's important to check them regularly for any signs of damage or wear. This way, you can spot and fix any issues early on, which means fewer chances of having tire troubles down the road.

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Battery Failure

By consistently monitoring the battery voltage, you can take preemptive actions if you notice any signs of underperformance.

With OTR Diagnostics, you can use live data to monitor battery voltage directly from your mobile device.

Fuel System Issues

OTR Diagnostics is a vital ally for you, empowering you with the knowledge and control you need to maintain your fuel system effectively.

By utilizing the ability to read and interpret fault codes, you can keep your truck running smoothly and efficiently, regardless of the weather condition.

“ A must have tool for owner operators. Can give you an idea of what’s wrong and if in derate it will take it out and let you get to a shop instead of being towed”

Dale P.


Oil Viscosity and Lubrication

With OTR Diagnostics, you can use live data to constantly monitor both the oil level and oil pressure right from your mobile device.

This real-time insight allows you to detect any abnormalities that may indicate thinning oil or a decrease in the oil's ability to lubricate engine components effectively.

Cooling System

OTR Diagnostics provides detailed fault code information. So, if a component of the cooling system is sending distress signals, the tool will identify and relay this to the user.

This not only assists in prompt diagnostics but also helps in addressing the root cause, whether it's a blockage in the radiator, a leak in the system, or any other issues compromising the cooling system's efficacy.

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Air Conditioning System

Maintaining the AC system is crucial, especially during high temperatures. With OTR Diagnostics, understanding the overall health of the truck's engine and related components can be beneficial to the AC system

Aftertreatment System

The SCR system, on the other hand, requires a balanced temperature. Too much heat can break down the DEF, leading to blockages. OTR Diagnostics can help detect any temperature anomalies that might indicate the DEF is at risk, allowing for timely interventions.

How Can Heat Effect the Aftertreatment System?

It is important for you to know that high ambient temperatures can also affect the DPF regeneration system of your truck. The DPF regeneration system is designed to burn off the soot trapped in the filter, turning it into ash. This is where OTR Diagnostics comes in!

About OTR Diagnostics

OTR Diagnostics gives you the ability to force DPF regen, access detailed fault code information, monitor real-time live data, perform commands such as reset aftertreatment system and track command and fault code history, all from your mobile device. 

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