OTR Reset Tool for Paccar MX

Paccar Forced DPF Regen on Paccar MX Engine  

OTR Performance has developed two products that enable you to perform a forced DPF regen on your Paccar MX engine!

The first product is OTR Diagnostics. OTR Diagnostics allows you to perform a forced DPF regen with your mobile device. You'll also be able to perform other advanced diagnostic commands, such as resetting the aftertreatment system. WIth OTR Diagnostics you can also read and reset fault codes, view history, view live data, and so much more.

The other product we carry that will perform a forced DPF regen is the OTR Reset Tool. This is a handheld tool that allows you to do a forced DPF regen, reset the aftertreatment system, and reset fault codes.

So, if you are driving in the middle of the night and you need to do a DPF regen, you can pull over and do it yourself.

While anyone can perform the forced DPF regen with either OTR Diagnostics or the OTR Reset Tool because of the simplicity of use, you do need to understand two important concepts. You need to know what a forced DPF regen is and why you need to perform one.

What is a forced DPF regen and why do you need to initiate one?  

Forced DPF Regen is different because a service tool starts the process. Passive and Active DPF regeneration happen only when the truck’s sub systems are asking for the regeneration process to start. So by initiating a forced DPF regen with a service tool, such as the OTR Reset Tool or the OTR Diagnostics app it will allow a regen to happen regardless if the truck is asking for it. If you have fault codes that cause a derate because of the emissions system. If the aftertreatment system faults, then you do need to perform a forced regen for those fault codes to clear. Certain fault codes require a forced DPF regen to clear. 

Your Engine / Aftertreatment ECU checks for any fault codes by verifying all the sensor values are correct. The reason the manufacturer put this logic in the engine / aftertreatment computers is that they need to run through all the checks to ensure the NOx & AFT (aftertreatment) sensor values are within range. If the fault code appeared, then there is a good chance that there is a problem with your emission system and needs to be checked out.  

Does a forced DPF regen clear ALL your problems?  

Maybe!? The potential is there, but it all depends on what caused the derate in the first place. The OTR Diagnostics app and OTR Reset Tool may clear your problems if the AFT (aftertreatment) system is operational, or you performed maintenance work to your AFT (aftertreatment) system and need to clear codes that require a Forced DPF Regen. If the truck passes a regen then the fault codes will clear. We touched on this topic on our EGR Derate blog post that highlighted about a fault code (P3778) that required the truck to be forced DPF regened after repaired.

How do you start a forced DPF regen with the OTR Reset Tool 

  1. Turn ignition OFF for ONE(1) minute.
  2. Turn the engine on and leave the engine running during this process.
  3. Make sure the engine is fully warmed up (180+)
  4. Connect OTR Reset Tool to the 9-Pin connection under the dash
  5. Wait 15 Seconds (EPA10)
  6. Then Hold Down Regen Button 5 Seconds  (EPA10)
  7. Regen should automatically within 30 seconds. ( EPA13, EPA17) 
  8. The truck will increase RPM to higher idle 1000+ RPM to increase temps to burn the soot out of the DPF filter.
    The RPM will stay high until the truck finishes regen. ~20-60min
    *NOTE: Do not touch the accelerator, brake pedal, or clutch during this process or it will cancel regen.
    If regen does not start then you may not have met all conditions in order for the truck to start regen. Check for fault codes and try again.
  9. The OTR Reset Tool will remain plugged in until the regen finishes. After the regen has finished, disconnect the OTR Reset Tool.

Note: If you need to stop the regen early, then tap the brakes or accelerator pedal. If the regen does not start then you might have a certain condition not allowing the regeneration to start. This is probably why you are in derateSo you need to check for fault codes and diagnosis the issue and see why the truck is not starting the regeneration process. 

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OTR Diagnostics allows you to read and reset fault codes, view live data, and run advanced diagnostic functions, including forced DPF regen with your mobile phone or tablet. Select which engine you have for your diagnostic package.  

The OTR Reset Tool is specific to which model and engine you have. Select which engine for more specific details.  

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