OTR Reset Tool Product Explainer

The OTR Reset Tool is a one-of-a-kind product not seen anywhere else, we are going to give you the inside scoop here. The OTR Reset Tool was created to improve your fleet operation and keep your trucks on the road. It will reset your fault codes and reset your DPF system and SCR system. 

So what does "Reset" mean? 
Reset means that we turn back the clock back to 0. The truck has timers built into every one of its computers. The timers are what controls every aspect of fault codes as well as how long ago you had a successful regen. 

What does "DTC" mean? DTC = Diagnostic Trouble Codes

This is a way for the truck's system is to notify you of an issue that is present in your truck. Knowing what the fault code is is helpful in knowing how to fix that issue. So when we reset the DTC it means that we clear the timers of the fault codes and we turn the fault code's timers back to 0. If there is an active fault still present after the reset then you need to look into the fault code further because some fault codes may require you to perform a regen in order for the fault code to clear. 

What does "AFT" mean?  AFT = Aftertreatment System

The aftertreatment system is made of many different components. The EGR system, the DPF system, the SCR/DEF system makeup parts of the total emission system. If you have a truck that is 2008 or newer you have a complicated aftertreatment system that can cause you a lot of grief if not maintained properly. So when we reset the AFT system, this means that we are resetting the soot level, engine learned data, timers for SCR system, timers for the ash accumulation as well as ash level and 5 mph derates that are active.

Why do you need this product in all of your trucks?

  • Saves you Money 💰💸
  • Easy to use ✅
  • Return on investment -First time using it. 📈

This new tool provides a way to get out of a jam or better yet save you from having to call a tow. This is like having the OEM level software + Laptop + Diagnostic Adapter in your truck at all times. Our tool is also much cheaper than having to buy that type of setup which can cost you $3500+. It also saves you from taking your truck into the shop for a simple "clear faults," which also saves you from unnecessary downtime.  

The OTR Reset Tool is something that we developed in-house with our team of engineers. We designed this tool to be driver proof. It only takes 1 minute to clear your DTC's and 3 minutes to clear your AFT system.  

Learn more about the OTR Reset Tool here! 

Diagnostics is now on a mobile app with OTR Diagnostics! Read and clear fault codes, view live data, perform advanced diagnostic functions, such as a forced DPF regen and so much more from your phone or tablet! Learn more here

I hope this helps with some questions that you may have regarding the OTR Reset Tool.

Until next time! 👋
Stay safe, stay healthy & be blessed.

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OTR Diagnostics allows you to read and reset fault codes, view live data, and run advanced diagnostic functions, including forced DPF regen with your mobile phone or tablet. Select which engine you have for your diagnostic package.  

The OTR Reset Tool is specific to which model and engine you have. Select which engine for more specific details.  

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