OTR Diagnostics vs OTR Reset Tool

Performing any type of diagnostics on your vehicle may seem like a daunting task, but it shouldn't be and now it doesn’t have to be. At OTR Performance we reimagined how you should be doing diagnostics. We took out the unnecessary hardware and steps to create easy-to-use, to the point, effective, and affordable diagnostic tools.

So now you don’t have to be an expert in diagnostics to be able to do your own 

otr diagnostics vs otr reset tool

The two diagnostic tools that we sell at OTR Performance are OTR Diagnostics and the OTR Reset Tool. Both diagnostic tools are fully developed in-house at OTR Performance. Now you may be asking yourself what the difference between the two is, so we went right ahead and detailed out both OTR Diagnostics and the OTR Reset Tool so that you can make the most informed decision that will most benefit your operations. 

OTR Diagnostics vs OTR Reset Tool: Which one is right for me

The main difference between OTR Diagnostics and the OTR Reset tool is the level of functionality. The OTR Reset Tool is a handheld tool whereas OTR Diagnostics (App) is a mobile application that connects your vehicle through a Bluetooth adapter called the OTR Link. OTR Diagnostics allows you to perform advanced diagnostics from a mobile device. 

When we developed the OTR Reset tool we thought about creating the easiest tool available on the market that allows you to be able to perform simple resets. We wanted the OTR Reset Tool to save you time and money and to give you peace of mind while you are driving over the road. 

We combined the most essential functionswhich are resetting fault codes, resetting the aftertreatment system, and starting a forced DPF regen with this time-based hardware tool. 

To use the OTR Reset Tool all you must do is plug it into the diagnostic port on your vehicle and the tool will work based on time to perform the desired functions. No button pressing or connection to the internet are needed. All you need is your vehicle, the OTR Reset Tool, and a timer.  

However, there are some limitations to the OTR Reset Tool, so we took the OTR Reset Tool a step further and developed OTR Diagnostics. In addition to the benefits the OTR Reset Tool has, OTR Diagnostics allows you to get a deeper insight into your vehicle. For instance, you can read your fault codes and get troubleshooting information and get access to dealer level commands right on your mobile device. There are some other key differences and features that you receive with OTR Diagnostics that we explain in this blog.   

What is OTR Diagnostics?  
OTR Diagnostics is a mobile diagnostics application that you can use on your Apple or Android* device to perform advanced vehicle diagnostics.

You can connect to your vehicle, read active / inactive fault codes, view live data, print reports and perform dealer level functions, such as resetting fault codes, resetting the aftertreatment system, and starting a forced DPF regen right from your  mobile device.  

This is an action-based diagnostic tool which means you can control what commands you perform for diagnostics 

OTR Diagnostics is a yearly subscription, which means you get constant updates, improvements, and features added to give you more capabilities and to make this your most used and most valuable diagnostic tool.  

What is so great about OTR Diagnostics?  
OTR Diagnostics was created to provide you with the most amount of information possible about your vehicle and from your vehicleIt was designed to provide you with a more comprehensive type of diagnostic tool with an easy-to-use interface. 

You can view your vehicle’s parameters, view fault codes, view fault code troubleshooting steps, clear fault codes, reset the aftertreatment system, start a forced DPF regen, and so much more all from your mobile phone and/or tablet. 

With all the information OTR Diagnostics provides you can be confident in doing your own diagnostics.  

An overview of the OTR Reset Tool 

otr reset tool

The OTR Reset Tool is a a handheld automated diagnostic tool that performs dealer level diagnostic functions based on time. No buttons, nscreens, it just works once you plug this unit into the diagnostic port and it works based on time to perform the desired functions 

With the OTR Reset Tool you can

  1. Reset fault codes 
  2. Reset aftertreatment system and derates
  3. Start a forced DPF regeneration   

What is so great about the OTR Reset Tool?  
It’s very simple to use, and it’s a great tool to have in case of an emergencyHowever, it’s not a one-tool-fits-all type of product because it’s still important to know what fault codes you have to find the underlying cause of your issue(s). 

The OTR Reset Tool comes with the required cables and adapters. No additional hardware or software is needed.  

A simple reset of an active fault code can’t fix a failed component, so you still need to take your vehicle to a repair shop to do further diagnostics 

However, the OTR Reset Tool does not have a screen or any buttons on it. And the OTR Diagnostic app will not work with the OTR Reset Tool.  

What is the price difference between these the OTR Diagnostics and OTR Reset Tool 

OTR Diagnostics 

  • Yearly subscription  
    • OTR Diagnostics has one subscription plan option – the Pro plan. You can view what comes with the plan here, or view the info below highlighting the features of the plan.  
  • Hardware needed 
    • OTR Link  
      • The OTR Link is a Bluetooth adapter to connect to your vehicle with the proper attachments. 
      • This is a one-time fee that you must purchase in addition to your subscription plan  

    otr link

    • Pro – Unlimited Vin or Unlimited Vehicles connections per adapter ($600/year) + Hardware cost ($200)  
      • Active / Inactive Fault Codes 
      • Enhanced Fault Code Details 
      • Live Data  
      • Dealer Level Commands  
      • Vin Decoder 
      • Fault Code History  
      • Commands History 
      • Fault Code Reporting  
      • Offline Mode 
      • Enhanced Vehicle list 

    OTR Reset Tool 

    • One-time fee  
      • The OTR Reset Tool is a one-time fee for each individual tool you purchase. Each tool covers specific engines and years so if you have multiple vehicles with multiple makes and engines then you need to purchase multiple OTR Reset Tools to cover your fleet. 
    • Cost
      • $800 per OTR Reset Tool + tax + shipping 

    Common FAQ: 

    Do I need an OTR Link for OTR Diagnostics to work?  
    Yes, you need the right hardware to be able to connect to OTR Diagnostics.

    OTR Link will link your mobile device through your device’s Bluetooth so you can connect OTR Diagnostics to your vehicle. Once your OTR Link is paired you can then proceed to open up the OTR Diagnostics app to perform diagnostics.

    OTR Link will open all the needed diagnostic channels to perform advanced diagnostics. The OTR Diagnostics app will update the OTR Link firmware if needed upon the first initial connection.  

    Can you use the OTR Reset Tool with the OTR Diagnostics mobile app?  
    Unfortunately, you cannot use the OTR Reset tool with the OTR Diagnostics App.   

    OTR Performance is committed to bringing its mission and vision statements to fruition. We are committed to providing advanced diagnostics to everyone and there is a diagnostic tool available whether you are more well versed in diagnostics or just a beginner.  

    mission and vision statement

    We hope this blog post was helpful to you as you decide which diagnostic tool, we offer is right for you and your operations. Should you have any questions feel free to call us at (586) 799-4375 and a technician is available to help coach you throughout the process.  

    Until next time 👋
    Stay safe, stay healthy, & God bless.

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    OTR Diagnostics allows you to read and reset fault codes, view live data, and run advanced diagnostic functions, including forced DPF regen with your mobile phone or tablet. Select which engine you have for your diagnostic package.  

    The OTR Reset Tool is specific to which model and engine you have. Select which engine for more specific details.  

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